New trends in the Polish energy industry

The primary objective of the 4th Energy Congress organized in September 2018 in Wroclaw is the presentation of a wide spectrum of views and creation of space for debate between experts and practitioners on the most important issues concerning Polish energy sector, as well as its image compared to the European and global sector. We believe that the energy security of Poland and the European Union remains of the utmost importance. At the Congress, we will address questions regarding the directions of changes and the new trends in Polish energy sector, as well as key projects planned and deployed by the current government and also in the international arena.

The topics discussed at the Congress will include also new technological and organisational solutions and implementation of innovations which increase the efficiency of the energy sector. In addition, important topics discussed during the panels will be: nuclear energy – a polish national programme against the background of international experience; the role of power industry in the development of electromobility – an opportunity to build new industry in Poland; Poland as a global player in the LNG market; new business models and electrification trends; and financing energy innovation.

We recognize the determination of the government and companies to pursue qualitative changes in many segments of the energy sector. We will try to confront these activities against the opinions and experiences of scientists, experts, practitioners and those who decide on the shape of the sector. The 4th Energy Congress will be a suitable occasion for exchanging views, beliefs and long-term visions. We hope this will contribute to making the right decisions on the functioning of the country’s important sector.

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19-20 september 2018
Hotel Novotel Wrocław Centrum
Powstańców Śląskich 7a-7b, Wrocław



The Lower Silesian Institute for Energy Studies
The cost of participation in the Congress:
The basic conference fee is 1700zł net
The fee does not include accommodation costs.

The agenda of the 4th Energy Congress
Wrocław, 19-20 September 2018

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